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Road Safety Systems


Radar detectors are designed to help you drive in the confines of ever changing speed limits. They are not a licence to speed however, nor does T-Tech Vehicle Enhancements condone speeding.

Driving in constantly changing traffic conditions means that it is easy to drive into a restricted zone without noticing the change in speed limits. Advanced warning through legal radar detection could prevent you from driving dangerously.

There are nearly one million motorists just one conviction away from a driving ban due to penalty points accrued from speed convictions, so camera detectors are a vital piece of equipment.

They can help motorists to drive within speed limits, avoid penalties, warn them of congestion zones and alert them to the position of speed cameras.

Contrary to popular belief, such detection methods are currently legal.

Evidence taken from a MORI poll between radar detector users and non-radar detector users concluded that people who own them are less likely to have an accident.

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