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Phone Kits


The majority of road users today all own a mobile phone. Being contactable at any time, anywhere is a lifestyle we’ve all become accustomed too. Allowing for this lifestyle within your vehicle is no exception.

Using a mobile phone while operating your vehicle is accepted as dangerous and indeed illegal. Some studies suggest that driving while using a mobile phone increases a person’s chance of being involved in a car accident by three hundred  percent. Still, many of us use our mobile phones while we are driving; we think that we won’t get caught or that ‘this time won’t hurt’ as I can still communicate and drive safely.

The fact of the matter is that it is completely unnecessary for people to use their mobile phones without a mobile phone car kit. Hands-free car kits have revolutionised the way that people can communicate while driving safely.


Modern hands-free kits that can be fitted to your vehicle are small, incognito and can be quickly and easily fitted without damaging the interior of the car. Linking the kit to the vehicle’s audio system will automatically cut the music you are listening to and allow you to use the vehicle’s speakers to hear the caller. A small microphone, usually mounted in an obscure yet accessible location, allows you to converse normally whilst keeping both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Most of the hands-free kits that are available on the market today use Bluetooth technology to link to your mobile phone. After simply pairing the phone and the kit together, the kit senses when the phone is in the car and automatically switches itself on. The kits have the ability to accept a number of pairings to them, so that other drivers can pair their phones. One point to remember is that pairing using the Bluetooth connection will reduce the battery life of the phone. To counter this, many of the hands-free kits offer a lead that connects the phone to the kit and charges the phone while in use.

The cost of purchasing a mobile phone hands-free kit for your vehicle and having it fitted by a professional technician is often significantly less than some of today’s smartphones. The potential savings in financial terms would be a minimum of £60 for the fine and three points on your licence, together with any increases in insurance premiums. The potential savings in the event of an accident being caused because of careless driving whilst using a phone are far more serious.