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ECU Remapping


The ECU is the Engine Control Unit that controls the operation of the engines in most modern vehicles and is primarily based upon a single chip microcomputer, its embedded software and data look-up tables are referred to as ‘The Map’. The ECU controls many engine operating parameters such as, but not limited to: Fuel mixture; Ignition timing; Engine idle speed e.t.c.

As most vehicles manufactured today are mass produced for global markets, the ECU gave the car manufacturers the provision of standardised engine production regardless of the target market and to make allowances via changes in the ECU map for things such as poor fuel quality and sub-standard local service provisions.¬† One of the negatives of standardised engine production is that the potential of your vehicle is limited. Engine power, torque and fuel efficiency can all be improved by ‘remapping’ the ECU.

In the UK where fuel, quality of service and road surfaces are generally good, it is possible to modify the ECU map to remove some of the restrictions imposed by manufacturers.

By modifying the ECU Map you can;

  • Improve Fuel Economy¬†(MPG).
  • Increase Engine Power.
  • Increase Engine Torque.
  • Move Engine Power & Torque bands to more usable positions.